The Awards

We tallied up the rides and these are the destinations with the most drop-offs. These were where bellies were filled, drinks were had, and fists were pumped. If it’s your city, pat yourself on the back, you may have just been the deciding ride.

Most Visited Restaurant

Crumpled napkins, top buttons undone, glorious post-feast naps; all things that probably ensued after stopping by one of these eateries.

Most Visited Bar

Bottles were popped, karaoke was sung. You may not remember being there, but the selfies you took will live forever. These watering holes were the favorites.

Most Visited Event Space

From concerts to big wins, these places have heard more yelling than an episode of Jerry Springer. Just another day in the life of these frequented venues.

Most Visited Transit Stop

Shoulder to shoulder with strangers all going different places, all probably listening to slow jams. These were the transit stops Lyft passengers used the most.

Only in...

Whether it’s historically preserved or just a local legend, these are places only a local could love.

Trending Destination

Each city had its fair share of surprising destination trends. The more unexpected, the better.