How It'll Change

Your Rides

Amp changes color to match your passenger’s Lyft app: This “beaconing” feature is the secret to smoother pickups. Plus, delighted passengers are more likely to leave good reviews and tips.

What's Next

Along with your back Lyft emblem, Amp is your official in-car gear whenever you’re in driver mode. Once you receive yours, sync it with your phone, then mount it on your dashboard. Your rides will never be the same.

Everything You Need To Know

Amp is named after what it represents: an emblem that amplifies your ride experience and energizes the Lyft community. We want you to be excited to display Amp on your dashboard — and for your passengers to be delighted, too.

Yes, Amp is your new front emblem and will replace your front Lyft sticker. Many state and local regulations require you to display both your front and back emblems when you’re in driver mode. Learn more about your city’s regulations here.

Yes, the base will stay connected to your dashboard but your Amp is easily removed and stored.

Nope, Amp connects to the base using a strong magnetic bond that won’t move while you drive. The base sticks to your car with a special adhesive that won’t damage your dashboard.

The battery lasts up to eight hours, and can charge in your car with a standard USB charging cable. Don’t have one? We got your back. One is provided with every Amp!

For almost two years, the iconic Glowstache has brightened many a day and dashboard. But it's time to retire our trusty ‘stache. We hear it makes a great night light.

Because this is a Lyft device designed for smoother, safer rides, you won’t be able to change the messages.

Amp: A New Way to Glow