The Boss Mom Awards

Share your nomination on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and tag your post @lyft #BossMomAwards. On Mother’s Day, we’ll select one nominee to win the mother of all prizes:

  • 2 round-trip plane tickets to Chicago
  • 2 nights at the Hotel Lincoln, a Joie de Vivre Hotel, from July 17-19
  • 2 front row seats at the Taylor Swift concert on July 18

Contest entries must be received by 7 p.m. PT on May 10, 2015.

Nominate a Mom to Win

Your Nominees

This is my wife Jodie. We met in 2002 on a blind date. We were just 20 years old. Less than a year later, she gave birth to our first son, Zachary. A few months after that we were wed in a modest ceremony at a city park. Baby Zachary was in her arms. After the wedding, we moved our new family to Berkeley so I could finish my degree at the University of California. Jodie worked 40+ hours a week to support our family so I could become the first in my family to finish college. At the same time, she went to school at night to finish her degree at FIDM. We had another baby in 2008, a second son named Miles. We were now a happy little family of 4. Six months later, the unthinkable happened. Zachary, now a kindergartner, was hit and killed in a crosswalk in Berkeley. We buried him on a warm April morning in Ventura, CA, where we had that blind date all those years ago. So many times after Zach's death, I wanted to fall apart. But Jodie wouldn't let me. She was strong for both of us more often that I can say. She loved baby Miles all the more. And together, we honored Zachary. We created an endowed scholarship at UC Berkeley in his name. Every year we read and select transfer and student parents to carry his memory forward as they achieve their own dreams against the odds, like we did. In this photo Jodie is holding our 3rd son, Frank Alexander, who was born in 2014. We have been married, through it all, for 12 years now. This weekend, we celebrate mothers. And while one will be missing from Jodie's celebration, I see his spirit--vital and ever present--in her beauty, strength, selflessness, and love. That is why I nominate @petalshandmade for the @lyft #bossmomawards. #mothersday #rememberingzacharymichaelcruz #ucberkeley #ventura #family

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Okay, so real talk time ya'll.This is my mom, my wonderful beautiful mom. Her name is Janet Kathnleen, Lindquist Weiser. She's hard working, a leader and a supportive parent. She loves horses and dogs and animals in general. She runs her own massage company, works for another one and she drives for Uber and Lyft in her spare time. I don't see her that often because of that. She works hard for the family. I'm too young to have a job, my brother can't and in February my dad got laid off. It's been rough. But she's still going at it and working hard even though I can see it killing her. So when I heard about the giveaway that @lyft is doing for Mother's Day..... I couldn't pass it up. My mom deserves this. She works harder than anyone I've ever known and she does it with a smile. So, this is me nominating my mom for the #bossmomawards I hope it works out. My mom deserves it

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