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Earning tools, feature updates, rental car options, and local Hubs are designed to fit into your life, not the other way around.


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Whether you’re an early riser, alarm-slapper, or night owl, the app puts you in control of your day. You say where, how, and when you want to earn.


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We know what you’re driving toward is important. This isn’t business, it’s personal. It’s your livelihood, your debt, your kid’s new lunchbox.


Real Drivers, Real Stories

"Driving with Lyft gives me the opportunity to focus my time and energy on things that are important to me, like my kids. When they are not with me, I can focus my time and energy on supporting them."



Real Drivers, Real Stories

"I mean, really, just the opportunity to be my own boss is great. I like that I pick my hours and I don’t have to ask anybody or tell anybody when I’m working."



Real Drivers, Real Stories

"I've used my Lyft money to help with my European vacation expenses — I went to Rome, then took a train to Florence, then Venice, then Paris. Lots of pasta, lots of gelato."



Real Drivers, Real Stories

"… The main thing [is] the flexibility. I’m definitely not trying to go back to corporate [life]. And this is a really easy way to make money."



Real Drivers, Real Stories

"Driving with Lyft gives me that ability to do whatever I want to do, when I want to do it."



Built with you, for you

Nonstop for 1,852 days


Day 1

John and Logan start Lyft to reconnect communities through better transportation. First steps: adding in-app tipping, then calling drivers one by one to bring them on board.

Day 31

John places an order for 20 oversized, fuzzy, pink Carstaches as gag gifts — he soon decides to put a mustache on the front of every Lyft driver's car, too.

Day 365

Chicago driver Maurice joins Lyft to help pay rent and fund his passion: baking. Since then, Maurice has been able to open his own bakery. He even created a three-layer, Lyft-themed cake for the grand opening of the Chicago Driver Hub.

Day 746

Niki becomes one of the first drivers to join the team at Lyft San Francisco, helping us shape our loyalty program. Her dog, Roux, is an instant office celebrity.

Day 792

Destination Mode debuts and pairs drivers with passengers going the same direction, so you can earn on your way home. Today, you can select your destination up to six times a day. (It’s particularly perfect for those first and last rides.)

Day 1,460

The Driver Advisory Council is founded on a suggestion from Ariana, a driver from Detroit, Michigan. The Council helps shape future policies and features.

Day 1,803

The Amp is introduced to driver dashboards everywhere. The glowing emblem is a colorful, connected device that syncs with passenger phones, making it even easier for them to locate your car — especially at night.

Day 1,825

Former human resources specialist Trina of Crete, Illinois, uses her earnings to treat her 8-year-old daughter to a Disney World trip — and a beach vacation.


Drive toward what matters to you.

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