Lyft’s first-of-its-kind open platform introduces the world’s leading autonomous partners to millions of weekly miles. Together, we can accelerate the growth of self-driving technology and improve the safety and quality of life in our cities.

The most efficient way to bring your autonomous technology to market

With Lyft’s open platform, the world's best car manufacturers and self-driving systems can plug into our network of nearly one million rides per day. Access to a diverse set of real-life scenarios helps partners develop their systems around actual experiences and behaviors. Smart dispatching ensures the right vehicle is always dispatched for the right routes and conditions.

Partner Benefits

Expansive Network

Gain access to millions of rides through Lyft’s extensive nationwide network.

Invaluable Data

Access an exclusive set of data based on real-life scenarios to inform development.

Seamless Integration

Get started right away: Our robust API is quick and easy to plug into.

Smart Dispatching

Use vehicle dispatching that deploys when there’s only the highest confidence in routes and conditions.

Uniquely Designed Experience

Showcase your technology with a memorable in-car experience for passengers.

Trusted Partner

Join an established brand who believes in the power of community and forward progress.

Our Commitment to Our Community

With the arrival of autonomous transportation, passengers will enjoy a state-of-the-art ride. Safety, experience, and quality are top of mind as we connect with leaders in the self-driving industry.

As technology evolves, we’ll face a hybrid ecosystem of both human-driven and autonomous vehicles. When the cost of transportation as a service becomes more affordable than car ownership, demand will increase — and so will ride requests for drivers and autonomous vehicles. Wherever passengers are heading, they’ll still enjoy safe, reliable service from Lyft.

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Change Is Already in Motion

At Lyft, we know we can make a difference together, and have already seen transportation change as a result of ridesharing. In 2017, passengers took over 375 million Lyft rides and saved 92 million travel hours — a time savings valued at $3.2 billion. And that’s just the beginning.


reduction in accidents*

Research has shown that autonomous technology will save countless lives in the US


fewer vehicles on the road*

100 million fewer cars on the roads will open up land for more parks, local shops, and housing nationwide


Public areas refocused around communities, not commutes


Narrowed streets, wider sidewalks, and more green spaces


Cities built around people, not cars

This is what a self-driving future could look like, and Lyft’s open platform will pave the way.

Let’s continue to redefine our world and reclaim our cities — together.

*Bertoncello, Michele, and Dominik Wee. "Ten ways autonomous driving could redefine the automotive world." McKinsey and company. N.p., June 2015. Web.