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Seeking asylum in America is dangerous and marked by an almost interminable waiting—for a wholly uncertain fate.

Wilson, a.k.a. Punch, was born in LA to Salvadoran parents. He builds lowriders—and he didn’t think he’d live past 21.

Somali immigrants landed in Minneapolis after the 1991 civil war—now they’re redefining themselves as Somali-Americans.

Cesar was born in Mexico, and raised in Alabama, undocumented. He’s an American in every sense but on paper.

Shervin was born in Iran and grew up in San Jose. He’s an ‘80s enthusiast, and collects cars and all kinds of memorabilia from the era.

Zahraa is a single mother, a Muslim, and an American. She lives in Los Angeles with her three sons.

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America Is An Idea, Not A Geography

America is an idea — one so profound people gravitate to America from all over the world. “This country was founded on the idea of the American dream,” says Jose, a DACA recipient and driver whose story is featured in Borderlands. “Anybody can make something better for themselves.”

Yet today, not all are welcome equally. On a daily basis, immigrant rights and immigration as a whole are being challenged. These threats affect the significant number of Lyft drivers who identify as immigrants or first-generation Americans — this degrades life for every one of us.

We strongly believe everyone should have equal access to the opportunities America provides, and that our diverse driver community should be valued and celebrated.

This is why we’re sharing these stories straight from our drivers — to show some of the real issues they, along with their families, face today.

We’re asking our community of riders and drivers to join us by taking action to support some of the many organizations working to uphold the very American values of inclusivity, freedom, and opportunity — for all.

That’s why Lyft will be donating $150,000 in ride credits to support immigration organizations — including groups connected to the very Lyft drivers featured in the stories featured on this very website.

Here’s how you can help: Round up your ride payment and donate to RAICES (Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services), Lyft’s newest Round Up & Donate partner. RAICES is on the frontlines providing social services, legal representation, and advocacy to immigrants and their communities.

Over the past few years, Lyft has supported dozens of frontline immigration groups across the country focused on building and protecting an inclusive immigration system. In addition to our latest efforts, last July we partnered with dozens of immigration organizations across the country to provide free rides for immigrants and refugees. In 2017, in response to the Muslim Ban, we committed $1 million to the ACLU to help with more than 200 legal actions to protect immigrant rights. Lyft riders have also raised more than $3 million for the ACLU through Round Up & Donate.

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